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While sitting at Goa beach and watching the waves hitting the sea beach: returning back and coming again; I realized that this is how the time plays its game. By the time you take a decision to do something, it is gone. But it comes back to test your ability to perform. Whether you act and achieve your goals or you just keep thinking and forget your goals; it keeps repeating its cycle of past, present and future. Just like the control of waves is not in your hands, control of time is also out of your reach.

 The year 2023 has just passed by. One additional month has slipped away. No one had any power to hold it. Whatever has happened has happened. But if you are willing to make some big achievements now, the rest of the year 2024 is completely in your control. And, the good news is that making the best use of it is solely in your own control.

 According to U.S. News and World Report, the failure rate for New Year’s resolutions is about 80%. The worst part being that most people forget their resolve and motivation by mid-February. Well! However, studies in this regard reveals that remaining 20% are those who accomplish what they resolve. And I believe that those reading this blog can develop the capacity to stay in 20% achievers zone.

 Let us discuss how to do that.


 If anything has potential to stop you from success, these are your negative thoughts. Therefore,  you must learn and plan to get rid of such thoughts. You need to be cautious about them.

At the same time, you must plant corresponding positive thoughts and empower them.

 Let us follow following 12 steps:

  1.  Do not avoid setting a goal just because of 80% failure rate. Believe that if 20% can achieve, you too can. So, from now onwards, forget 80% and remember 20%

          Keep a diary or notebook & Write down:

         “I am an achiever and I will do anything required to achieve my goal.”

  1. Write down:

         What exactly you want.

         My Goals:

  • Health Goal: ______________________________________________.
  • Business/Career: __________________________________________.
  • Relationship: _______________________________________________.
  • Financial: ___________________________________________________.
  • Spiritual: ____________________________________________________.
  • Develop New Habits: ______________________________________.
  • Leave Old Habits: _________________________________________.

         Don’t use negative words or sentences, e.g. if you want to become debt free: don’t use the word             debt-free, instead write the amount you want to earn and save.

  1. Have a commitment partner viz. your spouse, family member or friend. Whenever you deviate from your goal he/she can help to keep on the right track.

          Write down:

          My commitment partner is: ___________________________.

  1. Prepare a solid action plan. Along with setting annual, monthly or weekly plan; decide upon daily action commitment. Begin with micro goal, work consistently, step ahead every day and in turn achieve your final goal.

         Write down:

         Annual Goal: ____________________________________________.




  1. Plan in similar way about your new habits that you want to develop and the old habits that you want to get rid of.

         Write down:

         New habits to develop: 1……….2……….3…….4…….5……….

         Old habits to leave: 1……..2……..3……….4……..5……….

  1. Do not expect other’s appreciation on the way. You need internal satisfaction on everyday basis that you are progressing. Review your progress every night before sleep and decide the course of action for the next day.

         Write down date wise on daily basis:

        Today’s progress:

       Tomorrow’s Action Plan:

  1. The bigger your goal, the bigger will be challenges. Think seriously as how to defeat them and act accordingly. Slowing down or quitting is not an option in any way.

         Write down: ____________________________________________________.

         Expected Distractions: _________________________________________.

         Your decision to set them aside: _____________________________.

  1. Consistency is the key to your success. But, circumstances can make you to put brakes sometimes. If it is absolutely essential to hold on for some time in cases like extreme emergencies, continue your journey as soon as possible without relaxing even for a second.

          Write down: ______________________________________________.

          Reason for brake (if any): _______________________________.

          Duration: _________________________________________________.

         Action on resuming: _____________________________________.

  1. Some habits or goals can be achieved in very short time viz. within a month or a quarter. But every time you must be working on some of your goals.

        Also, there always is a time to celebrate, even when you achieve something very small.                 Remember, celebrations do not consume your precious time.

        Write down:

       Date: ____________________________.

       Goal completed: ______________________.

       Celebration: ___________________________.

  1. When you are prepared to achieve something that you could never achieve earlier, you will have to learn and do something that you have never done earlier. Put enough time every day for this learning. Your source of new knowledge can be: your mentor, related books or streaming from successful people in that particular area.

         Write down:

         My today’s learning: ____________________________________________________.

         Source: _________________________________________________________.

  1. Your major amount of time must go to activities related to your goals. Before doing anything during the day as whether that activity will take you towards your goal? If yes, then proceed.

         Write down:

         Time invested for my goals today: ____Hrs. _____Mts.

  1. Gratitude is what makes your life worthy. Develop a strong attitude of gratitude. Have gratitude for everything in your life. Thus the universe will create more and more situations in which you can express gratitude. This way you will gather power from universe to achieve your goals. 

          Recall events from today and from your past life & Write down:

          Today I feel strong gratitude for:

          1.……….. 2……….. 3………4……..5……….

         Each one of us has limited time in this life. And the time that has already gone will not come      back again. But making the best use of the time is solely in your control. To achieve your goals, you need action, action and action. And nothing else.

Let us follow the above 12 points in totality, in the remainder of this year. Take notes as explained above every-day. If you follow the Sinek principle and perform the relevant task daily without brake, you will definitely be an achiever.

 Dr. Lokesh N Rai


8 Responses

  1. Excellent 12 points, I simply love point no 12- gratitude.. awesome. Honestly am lacking writing these things systemically and then monitoring progress… will start soon.

  2. Your sturdy of Classifying your goals in various categories eg Health, Business ,Financial, Spiritual etc is excellent Then your approach of monitoring their achievements on time scale is also good However Progress will depend only on your seriousness and commitment
    Suppose you decide to study Bhagwat Geeta then you can plan on its study , time spent and depth of Study on connected literatures , etc
    All the best to all your users

  3. Dear dear Lokesh ji your given very good suggestion to achieve the goal. If anybody follows the procedure which you are given definitely you will get the success. S.C.Gandhi.

  4. Beautifully worded highly motivating approach suggested by Lokesh ji, which if followed, success is definitely guaranteed

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