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Time is quite precious. And it never stops. The moments that are lost have gone for ever. We have no control over that. Sometimes, we feel that the task in hand can be performed later. Or we can learn to discipline ourselves later as there is enough time. What is the hurry? In fact, this morning only, I was thinking about one of my old neighbors. He has a son and a daughter. He used to feel that he has to be quite friendly and open with his kids. He followed this to the extreme and never bothered for the minimum level of discipline that is an essential requirement in any relationship. Needless to say that he became friendly with his son but lost the control that was required from a parent.  Remember friends! There is a time to develop good habits and values in life. And, we have to pay heavily if this time is lost. His wife used to point out this, but he took it quite casually. His feeling was that there is enough time & things will improve as he grows.

As a result of this, his son could not perform well in his studies and lost interest in education. He could not get admission in good institutions and finished his graduation from an ordinary institution with average grades. His father started believing that God has given him limited capability and asked him to go for whatever job he can get. Today, he is working for a private company and getting limited salary with which he is just able to manage.


Friends! The purpose of writing this story is to stress the importance of time. It is necessary to do the right things at the right time. Imagine what would have happened if my friend had inculcated some essential values for the growth of his son along with developing friendship and openness; both at the same time! Somehow, that time has gone. Today it is extremely difficult, although not impossible, to teach the discipline. 

Quite often we forget to value the time, thinking that there is enough time and we shall do it little later. But the past time frame which could have been used wisely will not come back. That is our past. The past, that has been lost. 

I have been working with people who initially start a project with seriousness. These projects are for making their own lives better and purposeful. They move ahead with great enthusiasm. But as usual, problems arise on the way. When you drive on a road and find that the road is bumpy, how you proceed? Of course, with great care and taking all measures to protect your car. But you don’t stop or take a u turn and go back. Similarly, when you are working for your important goal in life, you don’t have to stop or go back. You have to continue your journey without wasting time. But, there are people who just do not know how to utilize time specially under rough weather. They stop working or slow down to the extent that they fail to pickup once again.

Friends! While you are reading this blog, think seriously. Is there something that you could have achieved if you used the time wisely, but you have almost abandoned it. And, in the process have you developed a habit to leave the tasks unaccomplished. 

This life is a gift from God, but is not infinite. Don’t waste a single minute. Every night take account of your time.  Make sure that you are using every moment for a specific goal. 


  1. At any time of your life you must have some important goals. These can be short term, medium term and long term. Learn to value the time. Plan to use the time for achieving your goals in life.
  2. Time will not wait for anything. Track how you are presently spending your time. Are you investing your time for achieving your goals or you are not in a habit to bother about the way your time goes by.
  3. Are you forced to spend time in activities that you do not like? This is again a way to waste your precious time. Then, find ways to pursue the activities of your choice rather than forcibly engaging yourself in unwanted activities.
  4. Take account of your daily routine. Do you invest all your time in activities that are required for achieving your ambitious goals? An honest analysis will reveal that some of your daily time is spent in activities that will not make your future better. For example, some of the time spent on social media, gossiping, parties, picnics, political discussions etc. Learn to put a limit on this portion of time and invest it in the activities that will take you towards your goals.
  5. The importance of good friends and relatives can’t be undermined. But remember, the time you spend with them and things you learn from them in the process will build your future. So, let us be cautious in building such relationships.
  6. Have you ever failed in some of your endeavors? Under those circumstance, how you took the failure? Tried again and got success or decided to quit? In any case if you have some projects where you just quit without making more efforts; think again. Give some more time and gather knowledge. Study more, take guidance from successful people in that field and invest time to win the game. Failures occur sometimes because we do not give sufficient time to learn and then proceed to achieve a goal.

Finally, I will stress that God has given same 24 hours a day to everyone on this earth. If someone can use this time and make his/her life purposeful and help others also to live a worthy life, you and me, too, can also do the same. 

   आगे भी जाने न तू, पीछे भी जाने न तू
    जो भी है, बस यही एक पल है.
    कल किसने देखा है कल किसने जाना है
    इस पल से पाएगा जो तुझको पाना है
    जीनेवाले सोच ले 
    यही वक़्त है कर ले पूरी आरज़ू.

This is the moment that we must utilize effectively.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai

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20 Responses

  1. I think your observations are 100% correct. For everything there is a time to do it. If you fail to do it it will not come back and say once more please. But again everything is not in your hand. It is your luck which may or may not be always on your side. In my case ever time before my promotions I was advised by my wellwishers to go to the top boss and request him for the promotion and everything I thought that I have done a lot for my boss and he knows me well, why should I go and beg for my promotion. But I was proved wrong a number of times and then only finally I went and requested for my promotion and I got it. After that I thought why I did not go before? But the time had gone.
    So time is very important. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

    1. Yes…… uncomfortable path in the way to achive goal is to make us more stronger …… I will also follow this……will keep moving

  2. Yes nothing is more precious than time and doing right thing at right time can surely bring success to many. Great suggestions for making best use of time . Liked it

  3. In my view time factor is very very important n precious factor for in life for success.
    Thanks for such wonderful blog.

  4. It’s indeed precious description I am really speechless only one thing you reveal in my opinion
    काल करे सो आज कर,आज करे सो अब,
    पल में प्रलय होगी तुम बहुरी करोगे कब।
    Zillion Regards UNCLE Zee

  5. Respected Mr Lokesh N Rai sir,
    I am Student of your leadership. I was lern lot of character and principals.

    Time management is very important and very necessary as 24 hours are given equally to everyone but if someone handles 50 businesses in 24 hours then a small task remains incomplete. This is what I have learned from working with people. Let me share that we 24 hours 8 hours 8 hours and 8 hours. The total 24 hours are divided into three parts (1) 8 hours for deep sleep and daily activities. (2) 8 hours of intense effort can be your business/job for managing your income. (3) 8 hours Let us divide it into four parts of two hours each. (1) 2 hours for self-development (personality building). Self study for. (2) 2 hours for spiritual progress (3) 2 hours for family in which we say that bhajan and food should be done together with the family i.e. bhajan and worship should be done together and one meal a day i.e. the whole family should eat together. Together, if this principle is used, our family will remain organized and cultured and the last (4) 2 hours can be devoted to health in which we can devote time to yoga, pranayam and exercise..
    Thanks for your support and guidance
    Jay Kant Tripathi

  6. Absolutely correct sir ..!!! Thank you for the amazing blog.
    Got a great lesson on time management and how to be focused on our goal.

  7. Absolutely agree Mama, Time is the only thing that doesn’t stop… it is said that sometimes it takes life time to understand the purpose of life and by the time one realize it is too late

  8. Dear Sir!
    Totally agreed with your article on “Time”. Effective utilisation of time to achieve the goals under the able leadership makes one successful.

  9. In this blog Dr LN Rai has highlighted the importance of Time in our life
    Kabir ki kahavat covers this topic very well
    काल करे सो आज कर
    आज करे सो अब
    पल में परिलय होएगी
    बहुरि करेगा कब
    Later on Kabir has also explained that there is proper time also for every thing , Fruits, Flowers, Grains will come only when they are due , even if you give more water , Fruits will not come earlier
    Effect time Utilisation with Goals settling , is equally important in Time Management

  10. आपका यह ब्लॉग भी हमेशा की तरह एक और बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण विषय पर है सर
    हम सबके लिए अनुकरणीय..
    समय का सदुपयोग करना एक कला है और जो लोग ये कला जानते हैं, वे बड़ी कामयाबी जरूर हासिल करते हैं एक-एक पल अमूल्य है और जो लोग ये बात समझते हैं, वे समय की कद्र करते हैं।
    Amazing Learning and inspiring Talks allways For me sir 🙏

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