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ACTION 5: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SERIES INTRODUCTION It was yesterday night when I was about to go for a good night sleep that I received a call from one of my friends. He is now about 40 years of age and was furious that why God has not given him opportunities

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(ACTION 4: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SERIES) WHERE ARE YOU BUSY, DEAR? Recently I happened to meet a young boy who has come from a small village to a big city in order to make a good future. He is working during the day to earn a living and doing his studies

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(ACTION 3: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SERIES) INTRODUCTION: We are now talking about the 3rd action in the series of Personality Development.  Once you set your goals and start creating a focus on your goals, you may face several challenges. Creating focus may not seem too easy. You are willing to concentrate

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(ACTION 2: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SERIES) 1. WHAT IS FOCUS? After reading my previous blog on dreams and goals, one young member of my family called me. His challenge was that although he has big goals and he is working on many of the actions suggested in the blog, but still

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(ACTION 1: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SERIES) 1. WHY DREAM? When I was in lower classes of school, my father and mother used to have dreams for me. They used to say that soon I shall become an influential person and have a great lifestyle. I shall have a beautiful wife. We

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Sushant Singh Rajput: We Love You

INTRODUCTION: The whole nation is shocked to learn about the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. From media news, I understand that he had serious challenges in the Bollywood industry. The fact is that challenges are faced by people in all walks of life where there is competition. Then the question

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The Life Uddeshya: Transforming Lives, Igniting Potential, and Achieving Unprecedented Success in Professional and Personal Growth.

As an accomplished Life Skills Coach and Personal Trainer, my primary focus is on partnering with professionals and entrepreneurs to unlock and maximize their inherent potential. Employing a strategic coaching methodology, I guide individuals through a process that encompasses dream building, meticulous goal setting, and the systematic achievement of objectives.

Dr. Lokesh Rai


A key aspect of my coaching philosophy involves dismantling mental barriers that may hinder personal and professional growth. I specialize in elevating performance thresholds, encouraging individuals to push beyond their perceived limits, and fostering an environment conducive to exponential development.

My extensive experience is highlighted by a proven track record, particularly in guiding college students to not only overcome their preconceived limitations but also to surpass ambitious targets previously thought unattainable. I am deeply committed to instilling a positive self-image and cultivating unwavering self-belief across diverse demographics, recognizing the transformative impact these elements have on overall success.

In addition to individual coaching, I possess a talent for delivering motivational presentations tailored to various audience sizes, ranging from small, coherent groups to larger gatherings. My proficiency extends beyond individual coaching sessions to encompass the design and implementation of impactful Team Building and Leadership Development programs, addressing the holistic needs of both individuals and organizations.