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Having spent a lovely evening with my friend Atul and his wife Reena, we headed to have some coffee. A few sips later, Atul went on to mention – how good life has been. The couple had been making good money and had been on a trip to Malaysia last month. I was happy for them to be leading a good life.



Things, however, changed a little after my wife joined in. When she began to ask Reena of how they spent their weekends, Reena couldn’t deny the fact that the weekends were challenging. Reena went on to explain how the entire week’s household chores would pile up on the weekend.  She was quick to state that Atul did not help her to sort out the household chores. In his defence, Atul mentioned how he slogged out up to 50 hours a week and was too tired to serve a helping hand in the household chores. They stated how they would spend the latter half of the weekends in parties and social gatherings. The gatherings also left them tired. They shared how they had their worries on account of their jobs and families. Bit of irony, isn’t it? Even such a happy looking couple was not consoled within.

Surprising? Well, this is the story in most households. You may wonder your neighbor, friend or relative is leading a joyful life. Everything seems to be jolly on the outside, but deep within they might be having many grievances.



Some sessions of introspection and one soon realizes how life can be better by undoing the wrongs. Answers to these questions will give you a better idea.

•    Are your dreams alive even today?

•    Do you enjoy working for your dreams every day?

•    Have you fallen into the rat race?

•    Do you feel excited at the end of the day for doing your best towards your personal growth?

•    Are you growing professionally?

•    Are you stress-free?

•    Do you give enough time and attention to all family members?

Friends! Answers to the above questions will explain to you what your state in life is. It is great if you find yourself happy. But have you been turning a blind eye to life’s challenges?  This goes on to indicate that you have been living a life full of compromises.

Jo mil gaya usi ko mukaddar samajh liya,

Mein fikr ko dhuen me udata chala gaya.

If that is the case, it is time to think and ponder. Small worries can leave deep scars on the mind. You must get rid of them today. There is no need to make compromises. You must be able to lead a life of abundance.


This weekend, spend some time on self-evaluation. Keep a note pad for taking notes.

Every 6 months, I and my wife go to a beautiful hotel on a hilltop facing Bhopal Lake and spend some precious time together to discuss goals and future action plans. You can select a place of your choice.

 •    Think about an ideal life. What is your dream life?

•    Write down what you already have in life and thank God for that.

•    Identify gaps. What is missing that you want to add?

•    Identify disturbing factors that you want to get rid of. It may relate to relationships, children, parents, spouse, money, job, boss, business, and lack of time, etc.

Now that you know, what to add and what not to have in your life. Write them down clearly.


1)    Have an attitude of gratitude:

Every morning, before getting out of the bed, thank God for whatever you have gained in life. Thank Him for giving you another day.

2)    Say goodbye to negative issues in life:

Make a plan to get rid of issues that distract you. Every problem has a solution. Think with a cool mind. Write down the problem, find its remedy and implement it. Remember, no one else can solve your problem. You are capable of solving it. Do not neglect it at any cost. Attack an issue head-on as soon as it arises.

3)    Set your goals and take action to achieve them:

Plan to achieve the missing rewards in your life. Set achievable goals and write them down every day. Make an action plan. Take help and guidance from successful people. Associate with achievers who have done what you are willing to do. Watch videos of successful people. Read books on personal development. Finally, implement your action plan and never give up.


Let us accept that life is not a bed of roses. It has its challenges. But, if you ignore small issues today, it can affect your physical, mental, social and spiritual life in the long run. So, learn to beat the challenges as and when they arise.

You must have dreams and goals. Get out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals. If you can’t achieve a goal in one attempt, work on an alternate action plan. Once you achieve a goal, set another goal and keep moving.

Live a life of purpose and fulfillment. This is your life and you deserve the very best. On this festival of light let us get rid of the darkness and spread the light of wisdom and happiness.

Asato Ma Sad-Gamya         

Tamaso Ma Jyotir-Gamya

Mrtyor-Ma Amritam Gamya

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Feel free to share your ideas in the comment box. For a personal consultation, send your email so that I can contact you personally.

Dr Lokesh N Rai



16 Responses

  1. It is very impressive motivational writting, and attempt to guide others in very simple language, to develop and enjoy a successful , meaning oriented life.

  2. Very well written sir, it’s very inspiring and does very well explain why it is important to step out of comfort zone. We must learn to step out of our box. We don’t have to settle for what we are rather stepping out will get us to create what we can become.

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