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Are you busy working for a job from morning to evening? Or, extremely busy with your business? What will happen if for some reason or other, you stop working for next 365 days? Will you be able to maintain the same lifestyle as of now?  Are you wondering why I am asking such a silly question?

Friends! I have learnt a very important lesson during the Covid 19 pandemic last year. Let me share it with you.



Each one of us must have heard about some known person who was quite healthy, very well off financially and was enjoying the life. But, lost his or her life due to pandemic. A few of the family members of these persons have made huge expenses for their treatment even by selling properties and jewellery etc. The worst thing was that many of these persons were the only earning member in their family constituting spouse, children and parents. A particular case in my known circle was that of a person whose family members were not even aware of the bank where his account was there. The fellow was young and did not have any investment, either.

Just think what will happen to such families. You may find it difficult to visualize such a situation specially when your life, today, is running smoothly. Post pandemic your job might have taken a good shape again and your promotions are in pipeline. If in business, your business must have recovered from earlier set backs and is growing now. It is true that we don’t bother much about future when everything is going on well today.

But are you prepared, if such a situation arises all of a sudden in your life? Will your life continue to run smoothly?

दुःख में सुमिरन सब करे, सुख में करे न कोय ।
जो सुख में सुमिरन करे, तो दुःख काहे को होय ।

Just like this couplet, it is human nature not to bother for future when present seems to be ok.


Well, my lesson during the pandemic was: Dig the well when you are not thirsty. The question arises: how? To answer this natural question, I am giving few points for your consideration and following in life. Whatever you are doing today must be continued for running your life. But the spare time should be utilized for some additional activities. These can be anything you are comfortable with. And this applies to all those who do not have an asset based income as of now irrespective of their high positions and high current income.


  1. First thing that you can do is to develop a habit of saving everyday. As explained by Darren Hardy in his book, The Compound Effect, if you just save $ 4 on a cup of coffee every day and invest it for 8% gain, it will become $ 51833.79 in 20 years. Saving is a habit and everyone can do it no matter what the earning is. But this saving must be invested properly by consultation with a successful financial expert.
  2. In case some sort of debt or EMI is there, efforts should be made to finish it first of all. Debt or EMIs are ok only if they are able to generate more income than the repayments.
  3. Do some part time online or traditional business. Videos, podcasts or digital programs or courses  related to your field of expertise can be good source of income. 
  4. Invest some of your non productive time to create assets.

          Asset based income is the ultimate aim to create a consistent income for all unseen situations              in life. You can begin by small investments in real estate etc.

       5. Network marketing businesses are quite potential to create asset based income at a fast speed             by using your spare non productive time. But to understand about the pros and cons, you must             first read the book, Business of the 21st Century authored by Robert T Kiyosaki.

       6. Those who have some basic aptitude to write, can publish their e-books without investing                        much, and start earning.

These are only few suggestions. There can be hundreds of other ways but you have to decide what suits you best.


Follow the saying, “don’t put all your eggs in a single basket.” It would be better for a married couple to have different income streams. For example, if husband is having a job, wife can build some business either a traditional one or something with new ideas not requiring much investment. If both of them are working then they must find a way to use their non productive time wisely to build assets. Some simple videos of anything that you know well, viz. cooking, beauty or fitness tips etc, if posted on social media can help you earn good money.

The extra income generated from above activities will make your life comfortable even under adverse situations. Income that is not asset based must be invested further to convert it into assets.  This will also help you to have a better lifestyle. 


Little planning and a short time hard work can help us to make our life tension free for all future unexpected adversities. We all have different challenges but the Almighty has given us talents to fight with them. Let us focus on our strengths and enjoy a life of our dreams.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai




2 Responses

  1. Thank you sir,for touching and teaching such a sensitive subject. I understand me or my like person only thinks for present still .But your writing pressurize to plan for long-term. Definitely my action begane now in this direction vigorously. And hope other who read these line also change attitude.
    Thanks once again for advance warning.

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