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During my practice for marathon run last week, I met Ravish. We had a small talk at the end of our run. He was happy that his decision taken in January this year has paid off. He had decided at that time to upgrade his skills in project management by taking a difficult but online course from the USA. With a full time 6 days a week job, he put extra efforts and completed the course. Now with this additional qualification, he has been offered a better paying job in a reputed company. He is showing his skill to catch up with his work in this new company and is earning good credit.

Friends! Quite often people take big decisions on the arrival of New Year and work for them earnestly and record great success, just like Ravish. I respect them because they set a goal, work for it and achieve it.

But there are few others who set a goal but somehow fail to achieve it because somewhere on the way their focus gets disturbed. I remember the case of Ajit. He had some health challenges, mainly due to his lifestyle. The doctor advised him to take care of his nutrition and suggested some regular exercises. He resolved early this year that he will follow the advice and make him fit and healthy by the end of this year. But right now he is hospitalized in a private hospital due to some cardiac problem. When I met him there, he told me that the whole this year he remained occupied in his job as well as some family challenges and therefore he could not follow the Doctor’s advice of nutrition and exercise. As a result, he is now suffering from serious health challenges.

Friends! It is true that New Year is a time when most of us take big resolutions. You might also have taken some meaningful resolution at the beginning of the year 2019. I hope that most of you have taken it seriously and have registered your success by now. Great! I salute you. But some of you might not have achieved your goal due to some reason or other. And a few of you might have altogether forgotten what your resolution was. To those few who are away from their goals at the end of this year, I would like to say that still there is time. Get serious and even now there are chances that you can reach some of your goals.


Here are some action points that you can follow:

  1. First of all, recall your goals. What were your resolutions? Think, what made you to decide those goals at that time. Are those goals still relevant at this time? If yes, then you must initiate action without any further delay. It is never too late to begin.
    Remember, once you set a goal and start working for this, the cosmic energy start helping you to achieve your goal. But when you set a goal and don’t put any efforts, the cosmic energy understands that you are not serious about your own goals and may not guide you in your future endeavors. So, it is right time to put your efforts now.
  1. Identify whether you have some goals which can be completed by this year-end if you work seriously in the remaining few days. Make an action plan and do your best to reach your goals. Ultimately you will find that the goals which you had forgotten have been achieved in the time frameset.
  1. There could be some goals for which you wanted to initiate action. For example, you might have thought of joining a gym to keep yourself fit and healthy. Your health is really important and if you do not take its care now, you can have serious consequences. So, this is the time. Think calmly and decide how you can make sure to attend the gym regularly. Make a mental decision that you will immediately join and attend the gym regularly. Get started right now.
  1. Some of your goals may be related to your habits. For example, your goal could be to quit smoking or improve your nutritional habits. Think what is stopping you from changing those habits. It only takes a strong will power and determination to change a habit. Are you so weak that you cannot control your habits that are so detrimental to your future life? Be strong. Just take a firm decision to get rid of your unwanted habit and start following it.
  1. Some of your goals may be related to upgrading your skill. World is changing fast. Technologies are advancing at a rapid speed. To ensure your growth, it is necessary to keep updated by upgrading your skills. But, this requires time. If you have not done anything in this regard by now, then initiate the first step at-least. Register yourself for some online course or take admission in evening classes. Finish your registration before this year ends.
  1. In case your goals are related to developing a better relationship at home and with those related to your profession, then begin something new. Decide exactly as how you want to achieve this and start following it right from today.

Friends! Whatever your goals are, think seriously about each and every-one and if you have not done anything till now, then don’t forget! Even now few days are left. Don’t let these days go wasted. Do whatever it takes and record your best possible achievements. You must continue putting your efforts till the last day of the year.

catch up


Setting and achieving goals is a matter of habit. If you can set one small goal and learn to achieve it despite the challenges on the way; you will know how to set even bigger goals and achieve them. This way you will develop a habit of hitting the targets.

The year 2019 will end soon and the year 2020 will start. Before you say happy New Year to the year 2020, ensure that you become a person of your words. Whatever you decide, you achieve, no matter what.

Keep the focus on your family, professional, financial, health and spiritual life altogether. You can’t neglect any of these.

Friends! Finish your 2019 with best possible results by giving your best in these remaining days. And, get excited about the coming 2020. Because 2020 can give you the best opportunities to jump achieve your most ambitious goals.

If it is going to be, it is up to you. You have the potential. Just believe in yourself. You can if you think you can.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai

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