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We are already through the midway of the 21 days lockdown period. In my last post (Pl refer:, I had written in broad about how to utilize this lockdown time for introspection, personal development and organizing ourselves, etc. In essence, the focus was on doing the important activities which will lead you to your goals but somehow you were not able to put time for these activities earlier. However, I have received a few requests for exploring types of activities that can be performed for the broad groups described in that post.

In this post, you will find a guideline.


1.1 Listen Music: Sing Yourself

Listening to music can have a wonderful relaxing effect on our minds and bodies. It is a powerful tool for stress management. In medical science, some studies that prove the therapeutic aspects of music.
But in our hurly-burly of life, we have forgotten to take advantage of music. You have enough time now to listen, your favorite music. Various apps are available; you can download any one or more.
You can also practice singing. Use Karaoke and sing and record your song. If you like to play some instrument viz. keypad, harmonium, flute, sitar, violin, santoor or sarod, etc. this is the time to practice.

1.2 Indoor Games

Recall the days when you were young. What indoor games did you use to play? Even now you love those games but have forgotten playing them due to lack of time. But now for the next few days, you have enough time. Why not try those games again with your family members who are present with you.
These games may be carrom, ludo, snakes and ladder, Pictionary, chess, etc. Of course, you must maintain a social distance.

1.3 Drawing, Painting, Writing:

While in school, you might have taken classes in drawing, painting or writing. You must have some good paintings in your name. But now when you are busy with your profession, your art of drawing and painting might have taken a back seat.
In case you have some interest in drawing or painting even now, this is the time to try your hand on this activity. Take the brush, paint or colors from your child’s bag and start painting.

If you have an interest in writing, do some creative writing now. You can start with your daily diary writing and extend it to professional writing.

1.4 Fun With Kids:

Enjoy with your children. Play with them, indoor. Sing with them. Record your songs and listen to them. Tell them about your childhood story. Explain to them about their grandparents and family.
Tell them about the challenges you and your family had to face. Tell them moral boosting stories. Teach them some household work that they need to do.
Talk about good and bad habits. Teach them to respect elders. Teach them moral values.

1.5 HouseHold Work:

There are many interesting household activities that you can perform. Familiarize yourself with the kitchen. Prepare tea or coffee yourself. Try your hand on cooking. Do some cleaning work that was pending for quite some time. Take up some laundry work.
Ask your spouse what help she needs and then provide it.




2.1 Read Books:

Burke Hedges has explained very nicely by his example in the book, “Read Your Way to Riches”, the importance of reading books. Pl. refer to the following link:

My own life is a result of a few books that have helped me to change my path in a better and positive way.
There are some apps like ANY BOOKS from which you can get several free ebooks. You can also take membership of Amazon Kindle and get some good e-books, free or at a reduced price.
It is very important that which books you select for reading. You become what you read. Therefore, focus on motivational and positive attitude books.

2.2 Listen to Audios or Watch Video:

Nowadays several motivational audios and videos are available on different platforms viz. YouTube etc. Search and find some really good audios and videos that can be beneficial to you. Learn from these and take your notes. Make a plan to follow what you have learned.
You can take help from one of your friends who are associated with Britt World Wide education system and can loan you online audios, videos or ebooks that can be of great help to you.

2.3 Goal Setting:

Setting goals is one of the most important activities in one’s life. Great achievers are always good goal setters. If you have not set goals till now, this is the time to set your goals. For guidance:



3.1 Meditation:

Most of us have faith in God but do not have time to grow spiritually. Spiritual growth can enhance our success in multiple folds. Now when there is enough time, let us make positive use of this and practice some meditation. You can learn about this from your friends or relatives who practice regular meditation. Otherwise, make use of some good videos or books to learn about meditation.


3.2 Read Spiritual Books & Watch Videos:

If you search on google you can find some good spiritual books & videos online. Such books and videos will help you to move towards the ultimate aim of our human life.
You can buy books online also. YSS Book Store or Amazon may be a good option for this.


3.3 Perform Havan At Home:

A havan is a holy practice in which offerings are made to the fire. Fire is the main part of a havan. The holy fire is supposed to be the link between human consciousness and cosmic consciousness.
A havan is performed to achieve material as well as spiritual success. Take some time for performing havan and get the blessings from Almighty.


Let us plan some activities for personal fitness. We all have learned certain exercises in our schools. Why not try those now? If you have learned yoga from some guru but could not practice it due to time restraint, now is the time to start practice.
In case you have a garden, it can be great to do some gardening, which again is good exercise. You can also run your static bicycle at home.


There is a great deal of work required to be done at home. You may have to put important documents viz. your home registry, insurance papers, ITRs, MF and SIP documents, etc., in order. Do it now. You can clean up or systematize your wardrobes. Remove the unwanted items.
Kitchen cleaning may be another task you can do with your spouse. Your mobile may have several videos or pictures which are unnecessarily using the memory. Let us select them and delete them. If you require them for the long term then save them on your laptop, PC or cloud memory.


You have many responsibilities. You are responsible for the growth of your family. Have you done budgeting and financial planning for your family? If not, do it now.
Give some justified time exclusively to your spouse, children, and parents. If they are not with you, then make audio or video calls.
In case you have some friends or relatives, whom your heart has been willing to say sorry for some issue, call them and say it now. If someone is there whom you have not forgiven, do it now by heart.
Stay at home and maintain social distancing is the best responsibility you can meet for the well being of our entire Nation.
PM’s CALL: Our PM has asked us to do something at 9 pm on 5th April.  This is our responsibility. I hope you have done it wholeheartedly.


Friends! Suppose you were driving on a 1500km long highway but after 200 km you had taken a wrong turn but continued driving and completed your 1500 km journey. Surely you have reached somewhere, but is it the place where you wanted to go? Just like you were so busy driving that you had no time to check and correct your path; in real life also you might have taken some unwanted turn but still, you are continuing your journey. Naturally, you will reach somewhere; but not on your true destination. This is time to introspect and make corrections if required.

Also, you can learn from your previous decisions and corresponding results. Analyze where you went wrong. Take note of your weaknesses. Plan how will you correct them.

लोग यात्रा करते हैं निहारने के लिये

पहाड़ियों की ऊंचाइयां और

सागर की लहरों, विस्तृत बहती नदियों,

और सागर के विस्तारों

और तारों के मार्गों को, और

अनदेखा करते हैं परम आश्चर्य को.

                                           सेंट ऑगस्टाइन.

It is human nature to look outside and neglect inside. Friends this is time to look internally, introspect and make corrections.

So, reflect on your life. Review your goals and reset them wherever required.


We are already through the midway of the lockdown period. Let us select from the activities described in this post that YOU can do and invest your time to build a great future for self and family.


References or links given in this post are with very little knowledge that I possess on the subject and are not inclusive. You can just start your journey with these references but a vast arena is open for you to investigate further.


(P.S: Well! How did you like this post? Pl put your thoughts in the comment box. Leave your mail id in the comment box for a free consultation.)


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  1. Yes you are right,we have to do many things in our life.and this is the correct time to think about them.

  2. Very well said sir. We can utilise this time for personal , academic and overall development with little bit of our share for society too.

  3. Thanks sir, for giving outline of use of this time in better and constructive way. We will use this time seriously to reinvent ourselves and chalkout plan to serve our family and society in better way. Thanks and regards

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