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There are enough reasons to be unhappy in life. For example, you may not get what you really expect. Sometimes you make efforts but you are not able to achieve your goals. And, this list may be endless.

Well! Today, I am sharing with you two small actions that may help you to stay happy even under adverse situations.


Your happiness often vanishes when you start comparing yourself with others:

  1. You finished your studies. You got a job with fairly good package. But suddenly you meet your classmate whose package is much higher than that of yours. Now this fellow was far behind you in studies. So, this becomes a matter of concern leading to your unhappiness just because you started comparing.
  2. Your colleague has purchased a house but you could not. Your friend has purchase an SUV but you still have an economic car. Such matters often become a matter of unhappiness in your life.
  3. Your friend is having a costly mobile but you are managing with an ordinary smart phone only. So, how can you stay happy?
  4. Your neighbor’s daughter got admission in IIT but your son was not that lucky. Again, this creates frustration and snatches your happiness.

Friends! There may be several reasons when you unknowingly start comparing your situation with that of others. But quite often this creates unhappiness in your life. So, the million dollar question is how to overcome this?


First action that you need to take is to stop comparing yourself with others. You are God’s unique creation. No one is exactly similar to you. Then why to compare? Also, you have no idea what exactly is happening in other’s life. You do not know their physical, social, mental or financial condition. You are not aware of the efforts they are making or relationship they possess with successful people. Their challenges, their courage to fight the situations etc. are not known to us.

This way, when you are otherwise not sharing the same platforms in life how can you make a comparison?

So, let us determine not to compare with anyone.


Second action that you should work upon is to focus on becoming a better person each day. Depending upon your goals or ambitions in life, you need to have certain characteristics. Your mentor can help you to identify these characteristics.

Put your energy to build upon them. Develop productive habits. Get rid of your bad or unproductive habits. Ensure that every day you have become little bit better than the previous day.

In nutshell, you must embark on the journey to become your best version.


This is what I have done myself. Once I stopped comparing myself with rest of the world, but initiated efforts to become my best version by creating productive habits, my happiness has become everlasting. I too face challenges, but my focus always remains on becoming a better person everyday.

Dr.Lokesh N Rai



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