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Oh Yes. He is my good friend. We have spent quite some time together enjoying life. He is a hard-working IT professional and was working in the IT city, Bengaluru. Somehow he lost his job. Then he started his search for another IT job but things were not getting materialized. However, sometime back he had cleared a written exam for the banking sector and was lucky enough to get selected, and posted at Jaipur. He joined at Jaipur and was feeling happy initially as he was dealing with big business tycoons of the city for their financial needs. But after two years he told me that he has tremendous pressure to meet the exaggerated targets. As such, he decided to go back to his original field of IT and fortunately found a job. During the first phase of the pandemic, he got an opportunity of working from home. However, during the second phase of the pandemic, he lost his job once again. Then he started his search for another job.

It was at this time that I asked him to consider other options than just searching job after job. But oh my God! I was surprised to observe that he had shut all other doors than that of the job. He is young, talented, educated and hard-working. If he determines, he can do anything on the earth. And, today: innumerable opportunities are available for sincere and hard-working people. Therefore, his case has forced me to think as what happens to those who are not open to opportunities knocking at their doorsteps. !


Friends! World is changing so fast. With the digitalization process, the world has become too small. Your mobile or your lap top is your virtual office. Millions of people today have preferred other options than that of job are earning a lot and enjoying life, by implementing their ideas and using the digital platforms. Majority of Millenials and Zen Z prefer to become independent business owners so that they can run their life without anybody’s control.

Yes, I agree that one may feel comparatively comfortable in jobs because a lot of things are managed by employers. But there are enough other options to make one’s life still better. The New York Times bestseller author, Robert T Kiyosaki, explains that job is just one of the four quadrants to earn money. But unless a person keeps his mind open, he will miss the passive income and comfort of life that are possible in other quadrants, especially that of becoming a business owner.

I would like to draw attention especially of those who are struggling to get a job or those who are working in a job with undue pressure or tension. Friends! Good news for all of you is that there are other beautiful options. Keep your mind open. Think, what else you can do? Nothing will happen instantaneously. But God has given you enough talent. You have to boldly take a decision for a change. 


While working in a Nav Ratan Company at a senior position, I read a story in a book authored by Burke Hedges. It was about an executive who was financially struggling. He decided to take advice from a Financial Expert in the City and sets an appointment. He enters the office of the expert at Central Avenue and expects a receptionist to welcome him. But there was no receptionist. He found two doors. On one door it was written: Employed and on another: Self Employed. He enters the first one as he was employed. Now again, he finds two doors: Income less than 25 lakh and Income more than 25 lakh. He again enters the first one as his income was little below 25 lakh. Even now, he is faced with two doors: Saving less than 10 lakh and Saving more than 10 lakh. And guess what! He enters the first one as he was already facing financial challenges. Ultimately, the irony was that he now found himself right back at the Central Avenue from where he started entering the office.

The lesson from this story is that most of the people are just like this Executive. They choose to enter the doors of life that take them back to where they started. The only way that can lead them to a different place is to opt for entering different doors. And this can happen only when they learn to keep their mind open.

Friends! This story was a turning point in my life. By changing doors, I have been able to live a life of purpose. Was it easy? No. But by paying a meager price, I could get enormous positive results. Since then, I have enjoyed each and every day with my family and friends. This can happen with anyone, just by taking care of few points.


A few of the tasks that can be performed at this particular time are given below. The list is not exhaustive. Select what suits you and engage in the selected activities:

  1. Remember that life at the beginning of our career is much different than that of our parents. This is because of the changing scenario with respect to time. And this will continue to happen in the future also.
  2. Adapting to change is the most desired quality of a person seeking the best in life. If you can keep pace with the changing time, you can get success. But if you do not have the flexibility to change, you will be left behind.
  3. Watch videos or streamings of successful people in different walks of life and learn from that. Pay attention to their journey from zero to hero.
  4. Associate with people who have crossed the barriers and learn from their stories.
  5. Today, there are great opportunities knocking at your door. Keep your door open and welcome them.
  6. Have a mentor or life coach to guide you who has already proven his or her credentials.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai

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  1. Life changing article sir…
    We are lucky that we are getting regular coaching from mentors like you.
    Thank you so much sir👍

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