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Her Challenge:

She was travelling in a train. Robbers came inside and started looting the passengers. Most of the passengers surrendered. But she was a sports girl. And she had the spirit to fight them.  As such she defied & challenged them. But she was thrown out of the train by the robbers. She fell on the nearby train track. It was dark outside and no body was there to help her. She remained on the railway track in the night for several hours. A large number of trains passed over her. But she survived. She became bigger than her challenges. Later, one of her legs was amputed from below the knee during medical treatment.



Most of us would think that this is probably the end of a career for a young girl, at-least if physical activities are concerned. But Arunima Sinha was not ready to accept that situation.  Her relatives and friends advised her to go home and take rest for some time when she was discharged from the hospital. But guess what? Arunima had already made her future plans. She decided to conquer the tallest mountains of the world. She went straight to meet Bachendri Pal, the great Mountaineer who was first Indian woman mountaineer to climb the top of Mount Everest. Arunima got approval and encouragement from this great lady achiever. And she started to execute her plan. Several challenges were there on her way. But, with strong determination, she ultimately succeeded to climb the highest peak of Mount Everest.

She is the first female amputee to scale Mount Everest and Mount Vinson which is the highest peak of Antarctica. Just imagine about a girl who lost a leg at age 23, conquered Everest at age 25 and now when she is just 30 she has climbed the highest peak of Antarctica. She has already been awarded Padma Shri.

Her Challenge & Our Learning:

Arunima’s story has always been a source of great motivation in my personal life. Friends, think of your own challenges in life that you are facing at present. Do you think these are anywhere near to those faced by Arunima? Believe friends, when God gives you some challenge, He keeps some solution ready. But that solution will be visible to you only if you have developed the mental strength to fight with your challenges.

Life keep testing people through out their journey in this world. One typical situation can break someone. But the same situation can make another one very strong and a winner in life. Then, what  differentiates a winner from a loser?

Guzar jata hoon dariya ki tarah sakt rahon se, kahan tak ban ke          pathar rasta rokoge tum mera?

Winners challenge the challenges. They don’t allow the situations of their life to stop their journey of achievement. Successful people don’t let the stone thrown by life hit and injure them. They have the capability to catch and convert it into gold.

Let us learn to accept happily the challenges as God’s process for rewarding. When God is willing to give some reward, He first sends some challenge. The magnitude of challenge is an indication of the size of future reward. Bigger the challenge, bigger the reward. A winner is the one who instead of complaining, thank God for sending the challenge. He is sure that reward is on it’s way. He accepts the challenge smilingly, makes his best effort to overcome it and successfully resolve it. 

Overcoming Challenges:

This looks simple, but is difficult to follow. Once my son, when he was young and was studying in College learned that his friend’s father had expired.  He asked me as why has God given his friend such a big challenge at this tender age? It is really difficult to justify such situations in life. But friends! God has His way for testing people. And if He takes something away, He compensates for it automatically. And each challenge makes us more stronger.

Next time, when some challenge comes your way, start believing that some reward is on way. Don’t get panicky, don’t get stressed, don’t get upset. Maintain your cool. Think of the challenge as a small disturbance on the way to the path of your success. When you maintain you balance, you will find a solution automatically and get rid of the problem.

Arunima’s story has great substance, but, this is not the only story. In everyday life, you can find people who do not accept failures. They successfully overcome challenges and scale great heights in life. Finally they win the battle of life.

Take Away:

  • First of all, learn to fight with the situations bravely without getting upset or depressed. Have faith in the Almighty. Believe that you will get His support if you do not surrender to the circumstances. 
  • Next, if you find some of your friends or relatives in a difficult situation, rather than pitying or sympathising, give them the confidence that they have the capacity to resolve the situation.
  • Let us always be playing a motivating role with others rather than highlighting the barriers. 
  • Finally, I will say that have faith, have belief, plan diligently, put appropriate actions and keep moving a step further every day in-spite of the challenges on way.

Lokesh N Rai


11 Responses

  1. Read complete text.motivated me alot.the text language is very easy,having great flow of thought’s congrets for writing blog.

  2. Inspiring words can be a turning point in someone’s life . This story is really relatable , and has surely uplifted my morale . The writer”s efforts should indeed be appreciated . 😊😊😊😊😊😊
    Looking forward for more of your blogs .

  3. Inspiring words can be a turning point in someone’s life . This story is really relatable , and has surely uplifted my morale . The writer”s efforts should indeed be appreciated . 

  4. I have read it twice… It always gives me inspiration thanks sir… For it…
    Keep us motivated…

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