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I was in 7th class and the calendar was showing year as 1965. I was a student of Residency Middle School. The school was situated just opposite my home and was separated only by a road. At that time, I was small enough to understand the meaning of: prove myself.

Indo – Pak war broke suddenly during middle of the session. My home was very near to Jodhpur Air-force base. There used to be complete black out in the nights. Home guards used to blow siren when enemy’s aero-planes were seen in Indian territory. We used to come out of our home and move inside the trenches because of the expected air fight. We worked hard to prepare these trenches during days. Pakistani planes had thrown forty bombs near our home, one night. The boundary wall of our home got damaged. 

The cease fire was declared after few days of war but the situation was still tense. Government instructed residents to evacuate this area because of the safety reasons. My family moved to a place far away from the current residence near Air Force. Residency school was also closed sine die.

My father was a great influence in the growth of education in Rajasthan after independence. He didn’t want to waste my time and got me admitted in Sardar Higher Secondary School. This school was very near to my new place of residence and was one of the two famous private schools in Jodhpur. Sardar school was considered the best one at that time and I felt happy to move to this reputed school.


Just after my admission, half yearly exams were there. I had a break of about 6 weeks in studies because of the process of shifting school. There was no time to make up for the lost days. The tests were held and the results were declared. The most dis-heartening result was that of English Paper. My English teacher was Vice Principal, Shri Dhanpat Chand Bhandari and was a very strict teacher. He showed our exam copies and called my name. He declared my score as 19 %  and cursed the Principal for giving me admission. My respected teacher informed the class that my admission was against his wishes. He was happy that my score was very low because this has proved him right. The entire class remained silent but each class mate was feeling great to be better than me, the new entrant in their class.

Friends! Just imagine about this awful situation. Do you think I got depressed and lost hope?
Friends! I am lucky that God has put some special chemicals in my body and this helps me never to accept defeat. I never allow frustration in my life. That particular moment was a deciding point in my life and I decided then and there to prove myself.


The action plan was simple.

  • I set a goal to prove myself in next Pre-Final exams. My goal was to get more than 75 % marks. Time frame and achievement level both were clear in mind. I wrote my goal on a sheet of paper. The copy of goals were pasted in my bed room, and all around.
  • I worked hard and put more hours for studies. I planned to study 8 hours at home every day.
  • Some portion was left untouched because of the transition phase. There were no coaching classes those days and also there were no personal tutors. I focused on self studies because that was the only way out. I finished and revised the untouched portion few times.
  • It was necessary to concentrate fully on the studies for  achieving big and I was determined to overcome any challenge on way. I forgot everything else and focused on studies. Great deeds can only be done with great sacrifices.
  • I focused my mind to prove myself. Each activity was based on this aspect.


The Pre-Final and Final exams were not very far and therefore I decided to test myself in Pre-Final exams. These exams were scheduled after about a month or so. I prepared well for my English paper. My father helped me a lot and, guess what?  I secured 93 %, this time. 

My teacher observed this. He came personally to my seat with the score sheet after announcing the marks of each student, and congratulated me. He said sorry to me and accepted the fact that he was wrong. It reminds me of his facial expressions while congratulating me and saying sorry. He then addressed the class and told some good and encouraging words about me. I knew that I have proved myself and I became his pet student from that day on-wards. He used to check home work of each student one by one and make corrections. He made me responsible to check their copies by standing near him and suggesting corrections. I could improve my English subsequently because of his able guidance.


  • The attitude of fighting and win over challenges has become my habit. I am not weak and no one can take me for granted. I take challenges as part of the life and therefore do not get carried away by them.
  • My strong belief is that, I can achieve anything in life and prove myself. It does not matter where I am today because I consider today as the base point. I have the ability to start from scratch and reach the TOP. There are no limiting boundaries in my life. For me ceiling is truly unlimited.
  • Written goals are essential. I follow Brian Tracy and write my goals in a diary every day.                            
  • I can prove myself only when I have a burning desire to do so. Therefore, my goal should be my burning desire.
  • Never get hurt by what others say. You are your best judge. Success is a sweet revenge.  Rather than fighting with people who hurt you, show them by your great success.



19 Responses

  1. A very good example for any student at any age who end up judging themselves and loose hope because of such small failures in school exams.

    1. Also, such conditions may arise at any age of life, where someone hurts or down rates you. Under that situation rather than arguing or feeling low, take it as a challenge to prove them wrong. After all: Success is sweet revenge.
      The objective of presenting My Memoirs is to take lesson from it, and apply the same to our own situations in life and come out victorious.
      Thanx for your thoughtful comments.

  2. Thanks for sharing this real life example. You are a true leader, who not only a self motivator but a great person who inspires many.. Including me, am a great fan of your winning attitude and hardworking nature to pursue whatever you like to achieve.

    1. In life we all learn from each other.
      If we keep our winning attitude high and adapt CHANGE fast, we can win the game of life.
      Thanx a lot Sanjay for your nice and motivating words.

  3. Thanks for sharing this personal story, very well articulated & very motivating. Your experience inspires us to rise above situations & become a better version of ourselves….to keep going,despite the odds. Looking forward for more such enriching experiences.

  4. Very few dare to disclose their failure side this is a nice example of bouncing back .

  5. its a truly real life motivating story,
    we cant even imagine the situation of that time , no lights and war, moving to new school and new place and a failure in exams.
    anybody could have been blamed the situations for failure.
    just thinking of, what a mental strength u have got at that time??
    now onward when i will face any failure,this story will remind me that

  6. Great Great Great
    It shows secret of success of your in all fields. It is perfect at any situation. I follow the same and pass this real case to other to get motivated. Once again great

  7. Thank you very much sir for sharing your real story with us.There is lot to learn and yes surely we can all achieve it with positive attitude.We should have grateful attitude towards everything.Your article made me feel how we can add spice to our monotonous life.
    Thanks again…

  8. Absolute a very fine piece of read which is based on real life experience, the attitude is true reflection of maturity at a very young age backed up with “never say die” habbit which is indeed very contagious.
    Really delighted to read this blog, thanks !!

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