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During the 1965 India Pakistan war, we had to shift our home from near the Jodhpur defense airport to a far away location. There was a break of about 3 months in my education. I had to change my school and just after getting admission, the half-yearly exams were there. Due to a gap in studies, I could not perform well and was upset. A day after the result was communicated; I was standing with my father over a bridge facing a flowing river. I threw a piece of paper and was curiously watching it flowing with water. But within few seconds it just got disappeared. Just for my enjoyment, I threw another piece of paper and again it disappeared in a very short time. While I was throwing yet another piece of paper, my father said: THIS TOO WILL PASS. I could not understand what he meant. He explained that just like this piece of paper, nothing stays permanent in life. Today you are feeling bad about your result, but this feeling will not be permanent. Tomorrow you may do better and feel happy. But, again in life, some other situation may come which will not give you desired results. But, whatever happens in life is never permanent, it will keep changing and therefore, there is no need to feel unduly bad or happy for anything happening in life. Things will keep changing. So, remember: This too will pass.


Friends! Today we all and in fact, our Nation as a whole are facing really a tough situation. Covid 19 virus spreadability is just unpredictable. The way this terrible spread has taken place was beyond the imagination of anyone on the planet. Naturally, the systems were not ready and have collapsed. The government, the hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies, etc. were not prepared.

Also, the people at large have failed to maintain the discipline that is so essential in this situation.

The State & Central governments have not been able to cope with the situations.

Election campaigns in some of the States have also deteriorated conditions in whole of the Country to some extent.

It is easy to understand the above reasons. But there is something more than that. Don Gossette has written a book, titled, “What you say is what you get”. That means words are power. And, today, our media has a great penetration into the lives of people even in small villages. Open any TV channel and you will see all the negative news most of the time. Along with the TV newsreaders and anchors, most of our population is talking about the virus and its bad effects. If you are on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media, every minute some such news will keep popping up. As a result mass speaking is taking place. And ultimately, what you speak is what you get!


Well friends, my purpose here is not to write about the basic preventive measures which are well known to everyone. Those measures in any case are to be essentially followed. But, there is much more that we can do to inactivate this virus.

Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks”. If we go by his words, we can understand that our thoughts are very important. And, if we can learn to control our thoughts, we can make our life healthy and happy. In fact, it is all a mind game. If you deposit negative or harmful data in your mind, it will have a corresponding impact on your body.  But when you fill your mind with positive and exciting thoughts, you will experience excellent results in life. Now, let us see how this can be achieved?


  1. Close all the doors of negative information. Stop reading newspapers, and social media’s forwarded messages. Stop watching TV news channels. Yes, it is difficult, but make a decision to do this as your mind is not a dustbin so why to collect all undesirable things there.
  2. When talking with someone on phone/mobile, avoid negative discussions.
    ना सुन बुरा,
    ना देख बुरा,
    ना बोल बुरा.
  3. Don’t get over-enthusiastic to learn about what is happening in the Country or the World around you. If you can’t control something then don’t bother about that.


A few of the tasks that can be performed at this particular time are given below. The list is not exhaustive. Select what suits you and engage in the selected activities:

  1. Our mind plays a very vital role. Program your mind with positive thoughts. Prepare a prayer or a positive self talk, write it down and read it loudly several times in a day. You may read it at least when you wake up in the morning, just before taking breakfast, lunch and dinner and just before you go for sleep. If somehow you get a bad news, read it several times. Keep this prayer in your mobile and read it several times in a day.
  2. Develop an attitude of gratitude. Thank God for the good health of yourself and your family members, friends, relatives and millions of fellow citizens. Express your gratitude to all those who are a part of your personal and professional life.
  3. For entertainment, you can watch movies or other programs on TV or OTT platforms, which uplifts you. But don’t watch the content that disturbs your mind.
  4. When talking with others on mobile etc., stay positive and hopeful. In case you get a bad news, maintain your calm and help others to stay stable.
  5. Take some online courses to upgrade your skills. Take courses on how to use social media and make it a source of income. This way, you can learn new skills and stay busy, positively.
  6. I have read a real life story in Readers Digest about a young girl who had cancer, but by her sheer will power, she ran marathon against cancer. I had a similar experience during my Myasthenia Gravis critical condition, when I had respiratory arrest and even doctors had low hope. However, my mind was programmed to finish lot of important tasks for which I had no option other than to survive. And, I did survive and am on way to finish those tasks. The task that I am doing right now is one amongst those. And of course, I have a deep sense of gratitude towards God, my Gurudev, doctors, relatives, friends and well wishers.
    Pl. refer:

    So, even when an extremely grave situation arises in your life, your strong will power can bring you out of that condition. Expect that things will soon improve. You will get what you will expect.
  7. You may be having some hobbies that could not be pursued as you got busy in life. If possible pursue them now. Do yoga or other physical exercises indoor. Learn to cook new dishes. Put your house in order. Do painting. Learn to sing, dance or play music. We have a music club with our friends and we meet every Sunday on zoom, sing songs and enjoy.
  8. At home, plan to stay positive. Create an environment so that all family members feel excited. Thank God that you have got so much time now for your family. Spend quality time with your spouse, children and parents.
  9. Set some small goals and work to achieve them. Develop some new good habits. This way, you will find yourself as a new and better person by the time when the corona virus disappears.
  10. Learn to strengthen your immune system. Take some supplements. Pay attention to your health. Manage your weight if it is out of control.
  11. Read some good literature of your interest. Listen or watch streaming of successful people. For some positive thoughts from Norman Vincent.
    Peale, refer:
  12. Do meditation. It has great power to keep a person cool & calm. This is the time to grow spiritually.
    Also refer:


Under such a situation, the best thing that we can do is to maintain our own good health, not allow the virus to enter in our family, create a positive environment and keep praying for the society as a whole. Do not talk or listen about this. If each one of us can safeguard our self, the virus will automatically disappear.

Firmly believe that: THIS TOO WILL PASS.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai

P.S.: Well! How did you like this post? Pl put your thoughts in the comment box. Leave your mail id in the comment box for a free consultation.


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