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Winning Story of a young lady:

She has always been winning in life. And, she….

     …has earned black belts of second and third degree from American Taekwondo Association while doing her bachelor’s studies in Psychology.

     …participated in 64 km (40 mile) El Tour de Tucson, one of the largest road bicycling events in the United States in 2014. The route weaves through and around the city of Tucson which is surrounded by 5 mountain ranges, three of which rise over 9000 feet.

     …is a certified SCUBA diver and has been doing surfing in violent water.

     …has earned her pilot’s certificate and so she is qualified to fly a light sport aircraft to altitudes of 10000 feet.

    …can type on a keyboard at a speed of 25 words per minute.

    …can put in and remove her contact lenses by her own.

    …has authored a book, Disarm Your Limits.

    …is a motivational speaker and has visited 20 countries.

But friends! What is so surprising about her?

Let me tell you. She is the world’s first licensed arm-less pilot and also the first arm-less black belt. She was born in 1983 without arms due to a rare birth defect. Since the age of 14, she stopped using prosthetic arms. She is on Guinness World Record because she is the only pilot to fly with her feet.  The name of this winning lady is: Jessica Cox.


You  may refer (Thanks to Wikipedia):

Is it not mind boggling friends that a girl without arms can have such great achievements? Can you imagine the level of courage, confidence, faith and belief that she possess? Do you now believe that she is a winner in life? Just think as how will you react in life if some small set back takes place. Have you enough courage and confidence to overcome the challenges in your life?

How do average person acts when faced with situations:

Let me share some examples from my personal observations:

  • A couple lost his daughter of teen age unexpectedly.  The mother is in a state of severe depression even today after more than 10 years of the incidence and her life has come to standstill.
  • An employee could not get the promotion as per his expectation, in a job he loved. He got furious and stopped working with his full potential. He talked rubbish to boss and also with subordinates.  Since then, he has been black listed because of such behavior, and his career is now in jeopardy..
  • A middle aged friend was detected with coronary artery disease, so the Doctor suggested few lifestyle changes to him for staying healthy. He did not practice the improvements suggested by the doctor. But he kept on going from one doctor to another in the hope that things may improve just with medicines, without him making changes in lifestyle. His health has deteriorated and he is now suffering severely.
  • Recently, an IT professional killed his wife and 3 kids of age 4 and 5 and has informed his family that he is going to commit suicide. Probably this happened because he was out of job for last 4 months.

Finally one more example:

  • A teenage boy was forced by his parents to do studies in which he was not at all interested. Because of this fact, the boy not only failed but also spoiled his future by developing bad habits. Parents are not able to understand as why they have been brought to such awful situation even when their intentions were so nice.

There is no need to give more examples because such happenings are taking place every now and then. The news related to this type of cases occupy major place in daily news papers and significant time on media.

Learning from Jessica’s Life:

Friends, no life can be without challenges. Specially, when a person wants to achieve big in life, God has a way to test him or her by offering bigger challenges. It is how one reacts when faced with terrible situations in life. We all know people in life who have proved their worth by coming out of serious life threatening challenges but at the same time, we also know people who are carried away by small situations in life and lose their worth. Jessica has set an example by moving ahead fast enough in life for people who lose faith and trust and move into darkness of life.

Winning Points:

  • Jessica was arm-less right from the birth. She didn’t know what hands can perform. But, she believed that she can do everything that others are capable of doing with the body that God has given her. The focus was not on what can not be done, it was on how she can do?
  • Her friends in school and relatives at home must have told her that she can’t do this, she can’t do that. If she had believed them, she would have remained an ordinary handicapped person. Her achievements prove that she didn’t listen to naysayers.
  • Another important aspect of her life is that she was not ready to accept a mediocre life. She wanted to be a winner. She wanted to be extra-ordinary, therefore, she wanted to excel and was ready to go extra mile in every walk of her life.
  • Jessica had a serious longing for staying in this world with great respect, dignity and happiness. Therefore, passion to live a lovely life and prove herself must have occupied her mind. Her thinking was positive and she had a craving to enjoy all the lovely things in this world.
  • Her self esteem was extraordinarily high and she believed in herself. 
  • She removed fear of what will they say from her life.
  • Jessica must have developed good relationship with people and therefore must have had confidence to get help and guidance from others for reaching her goals. She must have built her surrounding with positive people.

Our Take Away for Winning:

Well! what do we learn from her winning life story? Friends, challenges will always be there in life, in some form or other. We must learn to develop a winning attitude, no matter what. Following bullet points may help to develop this:

  • A strong desire to live this life beautifully. Focus on converting challenges and threats into opportunities.

  • Having faith and belief that you are getting challenges because God has a plan to reward you in a big way.
  • Remove all types of fear from your life. Don’t bother what others will feel. It is your life. Take your own decision.
  • Nothing is impossible in this world. Become a possibility thinker. Solutions to your problems will come to your mind automatically.
  • Practice makes a man perfect. If you have some limitations, keep practicing. You can break barriers with practice, practice and practice.
  • Always be in good relationship with positive people who encourage you to break all limits and go beyond. Stay away from negative people.
  • Don’t accept an average life, no matter what challenges come on your way. Expect to live an extra-ordinary and purposeful life.
  • You can not have life better than your self image. So, maintain a high self image of yourself.                                             

While Concluding the Blog:

While I was concluding this write-up, my sister, herself a winner in life, sent me a link about a tailor who is arm-less. You may love to learn about him. Refer:

Yeh need manohar kratiyon ka, yeh vishwa karm rang-sthal hei,

Hey parampara lag rahi yahan, thahara jisame jitana bal hei.

Finally, I would say friends that be prepared to challenge your challenges and always keep your winning attitude high. YOU ARE A WINNER. Believe and practice it.





50 Responses

  1. Awesome read and simple life application. 👌👍
    Congratulate Sir for being inspiration in many ways…

  2. Inspiring words …..simple and beautiful language used …has really enlightened my outlook towards self esteem …

  3. Very powerful example of taming ur subconscious mind. Someone said that
    “Whatever ur mind can conceive n believe u can achieve. ”
    Very motivational story for all.

  4. Very positive post on achievement motivation “the pleasure of achievement is not in attaining the goal but rather in developing and exercising skills also.”
    Inspirational post.

  5. Dear sir, a very well expressed motivational blog, a very precise n apt. It today’s world we definitely need such motivation to keep us going. You’ve really explained well that success can be achieved with determination n temperament irrespective of all the odds if one is determined n positive he can achieve heights no one ever reached…

  6. Very nice example of achieving goal through positive thinking. This is also an example of converting worst situation to Best . This needs extraordinary courage, a specific way of thinking, removing NO’s from your dictionary and continuous efforts to achieve the Goal.
    Hat’s off to Jessica.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Read the blog twice and it is really a very good example of changing worst situation into achievements there r many examples where the people give up into adverse conditions but thisone is inspirational for all

  8. How can you transform your energy into the right direction, you have given this in the blog correctly. With this we got to learn a lot.

  9. Sir! The story is wonderful and the “take away” is simply great. It is highly motivating.

  10. Superbly crafted. Highly motivating. My take away are-
    1. Self esteem
    2. Put effort of extra mile.

  11. Sir its a great story…
    a big thanks to you..
    aapke sabdon me jaadu hai👍

    Keep motivating us..

  12. Dear Sir
    You Always gives us like as motivations
    through many Ways
    So I Am thankful you 👍 and Blog is Super inspired for us

  13. Really appreciate for doing a great job. Insight is very motivational, full of zeal,and tremendous energy after reading this. Very inspiring with good throught.

  14. Dear Sir, it is very inspiring blog. Congratulations!!! My take away is ” never give up in life”.

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