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Yes, friends! I hope you are sure that very soon: “Apna Time Ayega.”

Most of you may be well enjoying your life today. But some of you may be finding it really difficult to move ahead in life.

  • To you, the challenges you are facing may be looking uncalled for.
  • A few of you may be wondering why God has selected you to face such tough situations.
  • Akhir Apna Time Kab Ayega?

Believe me, friends! God has a practical way to teach us. We learn most when we ourselves face and find ways to come out of the challenges. And to facilitate that, He throws challenges. We can learn from these challenges and move on the path of greater success. Or we may refuse to accept these challenges, stay in our comfort zone and miss a chance to grab the opportunities. Choice is ours.

In my own life, I have faced multiple situations for which I was not prepared for. At that time, I used to ask God: Why Me? It was a little later that I understood that God is willing to teach me some important lessons which are extremely important for a person to be successful in life. 

In this post, you will find five lessons I learned when the going was extremely tough. These lessons have helped me to ensure that “Ayega, Ayega, Apna Time Ayega”.

Ayega, Ayega, Apna Time Ayega



When I was a child, I had observed my father in extremely difficult situations, when his social and financial stakes were low. I have seen people going under stress and depression in similar situations and never come out again. But this was not the case with my father. He kept his cool, consulted the people who could influence, planned his strategies and took action. We were 3 brothers and 6 sisters. We all used to blame God, but his faith in God never reduced. To face the tough situation, he became still tough than the situation. He was a winner, ultimately. To learn more on overcoming challenges, please refer:

My lesson was that no matter how tough is the situation, it cannot stop me. I have to become physically, mentally and spiritually strong to defeat the situation.


In his book Maximum Achievement, Brian Tracy has written that you should take the responsibility of whatever is happening in your life. Initially, I did not agree with this. Because, when faced with challenges, I used to think that others viz. my boss, colleagues, relatives or God is responsible for that situation. However, on deep thinking, I realized that it is true that the situations or challenges are not under my control. But how to act and react under those situations is in my control. However, this could not happen until I accepted the full responsibility of what was happening in my life. Once I realized my responsibility, I discovered several options. I found that there are different choices that I can make to win over the situations.

I understood that successful people do not blame others for their situations. They take full responsibility. You cannot take appropriate actions if you do not accept full responsibility for your situations. Only then, you can proceed to act in the right direction. Remember, no one else can change your life. You only have to work conscientiously to face and overcome your challenges to make your life lovely.

My lesson was that if I want my situation to improve, then I should not wait for others to help or influence my life. Because I am fully responsible for whatever is happening in my life. I must take massive action myself.

                  Koi chale ya na chale hum to chal pade,

                  Manzil ki jisko dhun he use karvan se kya?


While working in a power sector industry, I have seen people with high IQ and excellent technical knowledge failing fast. On the other hand, there were people with average IQ and little technical expertise riding success steps very fast. While facing tough challenges in life, I experienced that my intelligence or technical expertise is not counting in any way. In real-life situations, be it, family or workplace; we have to work with a number of people having different types of mindsets. Each one has his or her, own set of emotions. While interacting with them, we must understand their emotions so that we do not hurt them. That way we can connect with them in a better way and can have a good relationship.

I found it better to develop my Emotional Intelligence (EI). Emotional Quotient (EQ) reflects the ability of a person to identify and manage one’s own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. Few characteristics of a person with high EQ are:

1) Self – Awareness: They are quite clear about their feelings and they know why they feel like that.

2) They gracefully accept defeat: a person with high EQ is sure to let go and he or she accepts the situation as it is happily.

3) Empathy- A high EQ person feels comfortable to walk in someone else’s shoe.

I worked on improving my EQ and it paid me. You can read Daniel Goleman’s books to understand EQ better. Click the link below for a reference:

My lesson was to put some energy to understand exactly what the other person expects or feels and treat him accordingly. Give the credit to others, say sorry when I have done something wrong, and not to hurt anybody’s ego. Keep empathy with others and respect their emotions.


Our thoughts are things that we get in the future. Therefore, it was necessary for me to work on my thoughts. When the challenges are at their peak, it is difficult to keep thinking positive. Under such situations, mostly, the negative thoughts are prevalent. And what we speak usually reflects our thought process. So, you can see that our thoughts and words are always in harmony.

In order to win over the difficult situations, I had to learn to control my thoughts as well as the spoken words. Sometimes outwardly we present ourselves as positive but deep inside we keep thinking negative. The success principle is to keep thinking positive even when things are happening negative. Give no way to negative or discouraging thoughts.

Also, words we speak are very important. Our words are transmitted in the universe and stay there. The cosmic energy converts our words into reality. So, what we get is what we speak.

My lesson was to think and believe positive only. Stay away from negative thoughts and people. At the same time speak what I want and not to speak what I don’t want even when it is actually happening.


Once I was standing at the bank of a river with my father. It was the time when my first-semester engineering result was declared and I got just 17 % in Maths. I was a bit upset. My father gave me a piece of paper and asked me to drop it in the river. I did it. After about a minute, he asked me to show that piece of paper. But the paper had passed through that place with the violent current of water. My father explained to me that just like this; whatever you are facing today will not stay with you forever. This too will pass. Then why should you worry? 

There is a need to understand that situations or challenges are not permanent. If something bad is happening today, we can convert it. If we lose hope and do nothing, it will convert to a still worse situation. But if we keep hope and take the right action bravely, it will convert to a much better situation. Needless to say that I followed his advice and secured over 90 % in Maths in my second-semester examinations.

My lesson was to keep hope always and never get perturbed under adverse situations. Because: This too will pass. Except change, nothing is permanent. Have faith. Things will change. Keep hope and take appropriate action.


  1. When The Going Get Tough, The Tough Get Going.
  2. If It Is Going To Be It Is Up To Me.
  3. Emotional Intelligence Pays.
  4. Power of Thoughts & Spoken Words.
  5. This Too Will Pass.


Life has great dynamism. Challenges are part of life. Never get discouraged. If this is not your time, just wait, your time will come. Learn to enjoy every moment of your life. Maintain your cool. But never ever quit. Don’t run away from the situation. Face it head-on.

        Woh sikandar hi doston keh laata hai,

        Haari baazi ko jeetana jise aata hai,

        Nikalenge maidan mein jis din hum jhoomke,

        Dharati dolegi ye kadam choom ke.         

If it is not today, Tomorrow will be your time.

Believe it friends: Ayega, Ayega, Apna Time Ayega.

And it will be sooner, not later.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai


10 Responses

  1. Absolutely amazing and true… The real art is to recognition when apana times come and Start enjoying 😊😊😊 most of us get it to illusions of better , more better n the best and keep searching for apana time 😊😊

    1. By following certain steps, you can convert your present time to a pleasant and memorable time.
      Thanks for your beautiful comments.

  2. Excellent sharing of his own life experience
    Passion and setting new goals, after each success are key factors for achieving great heights
    Wishing all the best

  3. Thanks for thoughtful writing for guidance,how to get sucess. It is really key of success that one take responsibility for failure and start afresh..

  4. सर जी आप के विचारों की गहराई को नमन। लेकिन टफ टाइम इतना लम्बा कयो होता है। धैय चुकने लगता है।

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