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It was a pleasant Sunday evening and I was walking in a park with my wife. After having some thoughtful discussions as usual, she asked me an interesting question: “Lokesh! There are many people who spend their entire life working very hard, but fail to achieve success. Why it is so? Why God does not help them to succeed?”

I knew that answering this question requires a lot of critical thinking. First of all, was it really true? Yes, it appeared to be true because several real-life cases of hardworking failures popped up in my mind.

Really friends, you can also think of several people who have been working hard with great discipline, but unable to attain success.

  1. You can think of young people putting extensive efforts in their job. But they do not grow in the Organization, due to negative environment, fear of losing job and not being able to fulfill the unlawful expectations of the boss etc. Ultimately they surrender to the situation and fail to succeed.
  2. On the other hand, you can also find young business entrepreneurs who often start with great enthusiasm but the competitive business environment does not allow them to play their game for longer. They keep struggling throughout their life without getting success.
  3. You may also know many senior people who have worked hard for the entire life, but had to settle for an ordinary life after retirement.

Why? After all, why God does not reward all those who work hard?


In general, failures are considered as stepping stones for success. Quite often, people become successful only after experiencing few failures.

But here, we are talking about those who do not get success in spite of their hard work. This is due to the fact that merely working hard can never guarantee success.

One can observe that laborers are the hardest working people. And still, they are probably the lowest paid class. Remember friends, hard work is only one of the ingredients required for success.

If a person works really hard but misses out on one of the important ingredients, he will be a failure.

When a person starts his career, he thinks that by working hard he can achieve success. If he is intelligent enough, he will learn soon that along with hard work, few more characteristics will have to be developed for success.

But there are few who consider hard work as the only characteristic for success. Despite of failures, they don’t learn and do not change.

Ultimately, they keep on making tiring efforts in a hope that one day their hard work will pay off. But this never happens because hard work is only one of the ingredients for the recipe of success.

Why Do Hard Working People Fail


In case, you know someone who is not successful even when he has been working very hard, here are 10 reasons to validate:

  1. They don’t dream big & are not passionate about their dreams. They don’t keep an alternate plan & give up to circumstances easily.
  2. They do not adapt to change. The world is changing fast. But they feel comfortable in their old-style of working. This leaves them far behind.
  3. In life, one has to make adjustments with people or situations and make compromises. However, they are too adamant & inflexible.
  4. They are not good in developing positive relationships. At job, they cannot keep their boss happy. In business, they develop disputes with clients. And at home, they fight with everyone.
  5. They have high ego level. Means, they distract all positive people & spoil the working environment.

  1. They don’t listen. Yes! They don’t listen to what others say. They ignore good advice from friends and relatives and make decisions which do not yield fruitful results.
  2. They do not learn from their mistakes and Keep repeating them. They keep doing the same things & expect different results.
  3. They are afraid of other’s success. If they find someone else is getting success, they put their energy to hold him until they themselves exceed the other person’s success.
  4. They have poor time management skills. They spend their time on unnecessary things, which do not add any value in their life.

  1. They have poor money management. They do not plan for proper investment and saving etc.


Hard work is, of course, an asset. But it must be accompanied by few more ingredients. Following actions along with hard work can ensure success:

  1. Learn to overcome all the 10 characteristics of hard working failures as described above.
  2. Have long range vision. Know where you stand today, and where you want to be after 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 years.
  3. Attitude. Always have a positive and winning attitude. Focus on your goals & expect to achieve big in life. Never get discouraged.
  4. Be humble. Respect others. Associate with people who have achieved similar goals. And stay away from negative people who discourage you.
  5. Keep some time for spiritual journey, every day. True success surrounds spiritual people. Learn to meditate.
  6. Pay attention to your health. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which ultimately leads to success.
  7. Work on your daily habits. Identify negative habits that are keeping you away from your goals. Develop positive habits.
  8. Be consistent & persistent in your efforts. If you persist you will succeed. When confronted with a failure, you have only two choices: Either you can give up or you can persist. “Success comes to those who persist.” Rich Devos, co-founder of Amway Corporation describes persistence as stubbornness with purpose.

  1. Practice delayed gratification. There is nothing like instant success. You sow seeds today and reap the rewards later, not today. But never shift your focus from your goals.
  2. Have an attitude of gratitude.“Thank God” every day for whatever you have achieved.


It is not difficult to learn to be successful in life. Hard working is an essential ingredient in the process. But there is a need to understand that this is not the only ingredient. You have to prepare a recipe for success with proper ingredients.

A few important nuggets:

  • Never compromise with situations in life. Learn to fight back.
  • Come out of your comfort zone.
  • Break barriers that stop you from growing.
  • Speak what you want and don’t speak what you don’t want. Spoken words have power and use them wisely.
  • Expect miracles in life. My self-talk includes this sentence: “Miracles are happening in every walk of my life”.

Being failure or being successful, both are choices. If you do not plan for success, you have planned for failure by default. Work hard, but develop other traits for success as well. The fruits of success are sweet and rewarding. Enjoy them.

Dr Lokesh N Rai

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  1. Very inspirational 🙏🙏 speak your mind and not your heart … something to learn n adopt, though not an easy option..

    1. Thanks Sanjay. Success often does not hit us when we adopt easy options. Winners always do what is needed, be it difficult.

  2. सही मायने में एक विचारणीय विषय है। वाकई बहुत से लोग सफलता के लिए केवल परिश्रम को ही सब कुछ समझते हैं। बहुत से अन्य महत्वपूर्ण पहलुओं को अनदेखा कर देते है।
    साझा करने के लिए शुक्रिया

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