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A dream is the origin of one’s growth. Children are the best dreamers. As a child, my son had a dream to pull the sun to our backyard with the help of a rope. Once, I was driving from Bhopal to Hyderabad and a truck was not giving us the way. He asked me that if there is no place to drive sideways, why can’t we jump over the truck and go ahead.

What is YOUR dream life? As an adult when we come across the so-called realities of life, we stop dreaming. This way we limit our achievements. Friends! I encourage you to start dreaming again and ask life to give you all that you desire. If your picture of your dream life is clear, it is great. If not, let us do an exercise right now:


Before you start visualization, understand that nothing is impossible. Your present state is not an indication of the level you can reach in the future. The sky is also not any limit. The ceiling is truly unlimited.

कौन कहता है आसमाँ में सुराख नहीं हो सकता

एक पत्थर तो तबीयत से उछालो यारों.

Ok. It would be great if the narration given below is audio recorded and played.

Now close your eyes and think about your dream life.

Think about your family life. Think in the present. You have a perfect family. Your spouse and children are in tune with you. Your parents are happy with you because of the care and respect you extend to them. You spend good quality time with your family every day. There is true love in your life.

Now think about your financial status. You have enough bank balance. Your investments are paying you beyond your expectations.  Money is not at all a challenge in your life. You have learned to use money wisely.

Visualize your health and fitness level. Your mornings are quite exciting with yoga, meditation, and workout at the gym. Your chef is fully conversant with your nutritional needs and serves you accordingly. Organically grown supplements are part of your intake every day. All your family members are fit and healthy.

Let us think about your social relations. You have a strong social network. You have outstanding relations in society. People respect you and consult you when they face challenges.

Now think about your materialistic needs. Visualize having your dream home, dream car, inland and international travel, and everything that you dream to possess.

And finally, think about your spiritual life.  You are progressing spiritually with the guidance of a great guru.

Add anything that I have missed that you want to have in your life and visualize that you already have it.

Slowly…. open your eyes. Got some idea about your dream life?

Such visualization is essential as unless you think in minute details, your dreams are not fulfilled. Repeat this exercise frequently.



Following are a few steps for achieving your dream life:


Napoleon Hill said that if your mind can conceive and your heart can believe then you can achieve. So the first thing is to conceive an idea about your life. May be as a child you were told not to dream big. Parents always worry about what will happen if your dream is shattered. But the fact is that great achievements always start with a dream in that direction. Start dreaming again from today. And, while dreaming, don’t think what can stop you. Just think about what best you want to have in life?


Learn to keep a watch on negative thoughts. Don’t allow them to enter your mind. This can be done by constantly putting positive thoughts. If a negative thought comes to you, try to reverse it by a corresponding positive thought. For example, suppose a thought comes to your mind that with your background you cannot earn more than X amount per month. Then, immediately reverse this thought by a thought that you have the potential to earn much more than X amount per month.


Quite often, we put limits beyond which we don’t expect our reach. But, in fact, there are no limits, no boundaries. There are enough examples where people have broken their barriers to achieve the unbelievable. Arunima Sinha was thrown out of a running train by robbers in 2011. Her left leg was crushed by the passing by train and she had to be amputated. Still, in 2013 she became the first female with a prosthetic leg to climb Mount Everest. This happened because she could come out of her self-limiting beliefs. If she can do it, why can’t you and I?


Develop friendships with people like whom you want to be. For this, you will have to disconnect with people who may stop you from becoming what you want to be. Sometimes these people are your close relatives.  In that case, maintain the relation, but stop taking their advice.

Read books that help you to develop skills in your field of expertise and motivates you to develop good habits. Listen streaming of successful people and attend related webinars.

The best thing is to have a coach who has achieved what you are willing to achieve. Have faith and trust in him and consult him for all your actions.


Keep your eyes open for the changes taking place in your environment. Be the first to adopt the change. Don’t wait to see what others are doing. Winners always take a lead. By the time you follow a change, something better and new may have evolved. Don’t hesitate. Always stay with the latest version. Otherwise, you will be left behind others. Akio Morita, the co-founder of SONY, attributes adapting change fast as a reason for their success.


We always love the way we have been doing. A young boy in a job will love to continue in the job and not switch over to business because the job is his comfort zone. If he considers a business, he may have to put a lot of effort, and chances of failure are there. So, despite new opportunities, he decides to stay in his job which is his comfort zone. But a better life is when you go beyond your comfort zone and take charge.

Learn to recognize your comfort zone. Search something which looks challenging, and accept the challenge. This will make your life more colorful.


Finally, learn to overcome failures. On the way to your success, there would be some setbacks. Sometimes things may not happen as per your plan. That is your testing time. Learn from your failures. Never repeat your mistakes. Make alternate plans. Be persistent until you achieve your dream life. You don’t lose when you fell down. You lose when you fail to get up. Be like a child who gets up laughing whenever he fell down while learning to walk.


Life is awesome friends. Learn to enjoy it. Learn to stay happy. Make small goals, achieve them, then plan more ambitious targets, hit them, and keep moving. There would be green, yellow, or red light on your path to success. Follow the rules but keep moving towards your destination. If you can dream big, you can achieve big. Dreamlife is yours.

Dr. Lokesh N Rai

P.S.: Friends! How did you like this post? Please offer your comments in the box below. You can always contact me for a free consultation.


16 Responses

  1. As usual, your posts are too inspirational and motivating for everyone. Many times, ideas of children are novel and unique.
    They always think out of box. As we grow, we think with certain limitations.
    Dream life is a unique concept and probably we all imagine our dreams in some part of life.
    Few of the points mentioned by you are difficult to adapt say for example , coming out of comfort zone or to adapt the changes in life.
    I appreciate your efforts for such wonderful thoughts.

    1. Superbly thoughtful comments, Anil. Sometimes, a Coach is needed, who can help one to make
      the difficult steps easier. Now, if a person keeps doing what he has been doing so far, then he will get the same results.
      For better results, change: especially in habits is essential. A Coach can show the right path.

  2. Dear sir, you are my guru during starting my carrier. As usual you post is so inspirational and motivation. Definitely I have learn from your. Thank you so much Sir.

  3. Fantastic and amazing articulation of journey of dreams to success. I also believe that success has three steps, as follows…

    1-If you can dream it
    2-If you can act on it
    3- you can achieve it

  4. I am impressed with your post
    I liked it very much. Most of the content I follow in my life.
    Outstanding! All the best for similar post in future.
    Bye than.

  5. Awesome… Inspirational…very well written…. I recall the incidents mentioned here as a kid… Very well articulated here

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